About Us

The Job Fair is a platform that showcases promising job opportunities to Indian students and professionals who have pursued a part of their education, internship or training in France. It facilitates the meeting of potential recruiters with a diverse pool of talented young professionals who are from top-notch institutes of learning in both countries with multilingual and multicultural experience, technical and managerial skills, and a solid understanding of corporate environments.

Over 1,000 French companies are present in India, which employ over 300,000 skilled workers. Today, France is one of the top investors in India with an investment stock of more than 20 billion dollars – a figure that is growing rapidly. This provides a wealth of opportunities to Indian alumni who have trained in France, who are an asset not only to French but also to other multinational companies.

France is among the top three destinations for foreign students. Over 4,200 Indian students choose to study in France every year; a majority of them enroll for STEM courses at reputed institutes. Increasingly French universities and grandes écoles offer courses taught in English. Campus France, a French government agency promoting higher education in France, and with 14 offices across India, guides students in their choice of courses and the procedures involved in obtaining admissions and the requisite visa.

The French government aims to welcome 10,000 Indian students by 2020. Since 2013, Indian citizens who have graduated from a French institution at the Master’s or higher level applying for a tourist or business visa for France, are eligible for visas with a long period of validity. Also, Indian students enrolled in French institutions can stay back for up to two years after the completion of their programme to seek employment in line with their area of studies.

France Alumni is an initiative of Campus France, which functions under the umbrella of Institut français India, the cultural service of the Embassy of France in India. France Alumni - India Chapter helps former students from India acquire key industry knowledge, discover exciting career opportunities, and gain valuable insights on the economic and professional world. This network also engages with the 450+ French companies operating in India, which employ 300,000 skilled Indian workers, allowing them to announce job offers and internships, develop their brand and recruit Indian talent.

Alumni can register at the digital platform www.francealumni.fr/en to reconnect with other alumni, stay informed about the French culture and tourism news, and make an impact on the new generation of alumni. French companies operating in India can share information about job and internship offers, develop their brand and also recruit Indian talent.